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All with a no loss guarantee and no addition to your payroll!

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Your Remodeling solution

There are many problems out there that keep the building trade bleeding profits and their clients’ confidence dwindling.  From the never-ending search for the right talent to the constant struggle to make the project completion date, Render & Design is your ultimate solution. 

From a specialty-level prospective of every discipline that’s a part of the project, we analytically produce and render strategized solutions that eliminate costly inaccuracies and bolster the client’s confidence.  Our business model design specifically for the Sarasota and Tampa regions.

Who We Work With:

  • Remodeling Contractors

  • Subcontractors

  • Home Builders

  • Interior Designers

  • Cabinet Manufacturers

  • Developers

  • Architects

  • Retailers

Our process for each service is designed with such extreme precision to detail that we confidently back them with our “No Loss” guarantee.

The solution to your problem may be found in one service or a combination of different services. Increase the number of projects you can take on by selecting our premium package, The Ultimate Solution.  It consists of all our service in one which allows you to have a healthier work/life balance and a worry-free peace of mind.

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All of our services come with a "no-loss" guarantee. That's Right. If you loose money do to an error on our behalf, we pay for the loss!

Why Choose Us

Render and Design is modeled specifically for the Sarasota and Tampa area remodeling building trade.  

Gain a healthy work-life balance, improve your company’s efficiencies, and close more deals today!

Solutions to Stop the Bleeding

Supply precise, comprehensive, and informative solutions to stop the bleeding of profits and start closing more projects.

Increased Efficiency

Optimize your workflow and complete projects on time. Increase the amount of projects you are able to bid by delegating time imperative but time consuming tasks to highly efficient and skilled professionals.

Stay on Schedule

Eliminate project schedule disruptions. Accurate quantity orders delivered on time and supply sub-contractors with necessary plans before their scheduled work.

Exceptional Service for Every Client

Increase your cashflow by minimizing outstanding invoices. Exceed your client's expectation with our elite customer service and adeptness exhibited with every service.

We know you’re busy, probably on your way to solve another problem right now, save 941-363-1605 to  your contacts and shoot us a text when you’re ready.

How We work


Intake & Consultation

We dive in to the details of what you need and how Render and Design can best meet your needs.


Sign Agreement & Schedule Service

Select the package that is best for your project and get on our schedule.


Selected Service Rendered

With extreme precision, detail, and accuracy, services are performed with our seal of approval.


Receive All Deliverables

Depending on package chosen, you will either receive it in a PDF File or one of our software files your prefer.

Help is on the way?

A messege from Render and Design's Founder and President.

Upon listening to many clients and contractors alike over the years, there was something that was obvious.  All complaints seem to steam from one single thing; having the lack of specialty in all correlating disciplines from the main player.  Loss of profit is always the result whether it is in time, purchasing wrong products for the application, or worse, your reputation.  While having a specialty in an area is great, it can be a double-edged sword. Being a master in one thing requires one to focus on one specialty.  Most of the time, they don’t employ the same level of specialized skill in other correlating disciplines for the broader perspective needed for a renovation or construction project’s success . That results in major disruption in the project schedule, budget, and overall client experience amongst other losses.  This is the result of the inability to record accurate and comprehensive measurements, accurate material list quantities, appropriate material choices, and the inability to close the design phase sooner resulting in expensive but avoidable payroll expenditure.

After 20 years in the industry, I have held several roles; from the client to the kitchen and bath designer, Industrial designer, project manager, business manager, showroom manager, general and operations manager, engineer, drafter, and architectural designer.  I also posses an architecture and a business degree. Collectively, these experiences coupled with an extensive knowledge of industry leading software has allowed me to host a rare skillset that is the solution to the renovation and trade industry. Instead of operating within those positions, I have chosen to provide the solution that is much needed. 

Behind used care salesmen, contractors are known as the people who are not trustworthy. Unfortunately, ineptitude is the culprit behind that reputation.  I am honored to be able to provide a solutions that could rewrite that narrative by offering services that is modeled to not only take care of the customer’s clients but also make it fit in the contractor’s business model with our no loss guarantee and no addition to their overhead.  

KJ Jenkins, Founder

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