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There are many problems out there that keep Contractors bleeding profits and Client confidence dwindling, Render&Design is the ultimate solution. 

We utilize the perspectives of everyone involved on a project at a specialty level, eliminate costly inaccuracies and bolster Client confidence with a one stop shop.

• 20 years of Kitchen and Baths
• 16 Years of Business Management
• 9 Years of Project Management
• 8 years Architectural Design/Concept
• 8 Years of Drafting
• 4 years of MEP Planning
• 25 Years of Sales
• 20 years of Customer/Client Relations
• 9 Years of providing professional services for Contractors/ Sub Contractors/and Interior Designer
Degree in Architectural Technology (With a letter of recognition for Sustainable design) and Business


Ever since a I was a little girl in rural Mississippi I have been fascinated by designer homes, custom furniture and décor. In 2002 I embarked on this 19-year Design & Business Management in Washington D.C.

Most Designers are finding that their designs cannot be executed because they do not understand important elements relating to either construction or restrictions such as condo specific rules. It not only cost the client’s trust, but it also eats away at profit.

After listening to my Clients & Contractors over the years, it became very clear that the complaints seemed to be revolved around one single thing, lack awareness of the other trades on the same project.

When one person is laser focused on their specialty, they are missing knowledge about the other key trades working the same project; often not understanding the domino effect one delay or mistake can have on the entire project causing major disruption in the project schedule, budget, and overall client experience.


With a strong track record in Design (Kitchen & Bath, Architectural, and Industrial Design) and Project & Business Management (Analysis & Strategic Planning), I was able to establish a stellar client track record and became the ‘Go To’ for Contractors and Subs.

From the love of Design, to the science of Architecture with a backbone in Business, you can trust you’re choosing right the solution. 

There are many problems out there that keep Contractors bleeding profits and losing Client’s confidence, utilizing all the perspectives of everyone involved at a specialty level, is the ultimate solution. 

Render&Design proudly offers this solution on a project by project basis which eliminates the overhead of keeping such a skilled (but rare) person on payroll and provides a one stop shop experience for your clients.

Why Choose Us

We believe accurate data is the right foundation to set a project up for success!

Quick Mobilization & Data Collection

Precise, as built documentation that is dimensionally accurate, measurable and sharable.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate project disruption & site revisits, improve project coordination, reduce change orders, delays and their associated costs

Increased Efficiency

Optimize workflows and reduce project completion time

Exceptional Service for Every Client

3rd party validation for our services & what we bring to the table

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Mark Mcguire, CEO

“Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.” 

Mark M.

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